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The notion about locksmiths being merely key cutters and lock installers has been ruled out long ago. With the modernization of the world, the responsibilities bestowed upon every other profession have certainly risen like never before. From installation of sturdy bolts to programming the digital locks, locksmiths are now adept with it all. We zealously and dedicatedly serve the Edgewater, MD community with utmost finesse by providing robust locking solutions and providing all locksmith services with dexterity.

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The professional locksmiths you can rely on:

We have been taught since our childhood that we mustn’t interact much with strangers, but at a point we realize that we all must interact with one another willingly in this world to survive. But how can we entrust a stranger with something so crucial and sensitive such as the security system of our residential/commercial spaces? Unauthorized locksmiths aren’t to be relied upon, because you never know who is playing up with your safety. For this reason, you need to trust Father Son Locksmith Store to ensure that you receive the finest services. Our locksmiths are reliable, affordable and professional. They have appropriate qualifications and credentials that has been throughout checked by our higher authorities before their employment in the firm.

Specialists for specialized services:

Automotive locksmiths:

We have an exclusive department of auto locksmiths at Father Son Locksmith Store who have been trained rigorously to address all kinds of automotive locksmith issues. Whether it’s to deal with trunk lockouts or with your ignition keys, we do it all with perfection.

Locksmiths for homes:

Don’t worry about the pressing residential security issues anymore! Now you can entrust it all with our residential locksmiths. Want eviction services? Want to fix your broken locks? Look no further! Father Son Locksmith Store is here to save you!

Commercial locksmiths

The commercial locksmiths at Father Son Locksmith Store are trained stringently to address all sorts of commercial locksmith issues. We can suggest fortifying your business security, installing high-security locks and more! 
24-hour locksmiths in Edgewater, MD area

You may need the services of a locksmith on any given day or at any time. We can’t really predict a car lockout situation or when you would need eviction locksmith services. This is exactly why Father Son Locksmith Store offers its comprehensive services for 24/7, throughout the entire year.

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