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The daily newspaper talks about a plethora of issues, and burglary happens to be one of the most common crimes that makes to the headlines. It happens almost everywhere, and the impact of it is quite massive. Who knows, you might be the next victim? Break-ins are horrifying and it can happen to anyone at all, and can happen very easily when one does not take care of the locking system of his/her space. It is highly imperative to ensure that your locking system is up to the standards specified in the security industry, and get it fortified if you realize that it is not.

In order to have an excellent security system at place, you need to hire the professional lock and key services from Father Son Locksmith Store. Our professionals will inspect your locks and keys, and suggest appropriate measures to improvise them. If they find that your locks have major faults and flaws that are beyond repair, they would suggest a replacement. You needn’t avail our lock and key services just to assess your security system, rather if you notice something going cranky with your locks or have misplaced your keys, you can call Father Son Locksmith Store and let us know about it. We will arrive at the scene within 15 minutes and help you out under all circumstances!

Vehicular lock and key services:

Automotive locks and key issues are truly pressing. But you can trust our experts to offer you high quality services just the way you deserve. Some of our services include the following:

  • Unlocking of trunks
  • Replacement of key fobs
  • Ignition repair
  • New locks for vehicle
  • Creation of transponder keys

High-security Lock and Key Solutions for Residential Premises:

Just as business premises contain highly sensitive information and valuable assets, residential spaces are such places too that require high security. We offer a number of services to make your home resistant towards burglars. Some of them include:

  • Father Son Locksmith Store Edgewater, MD 410-807-8020Replacement of keys
  • Padlocks unlock
  • Repairs after break-in
  • Chain lock installation
  • Repair and rekeying of garage door locks
  • Broken keys removal
  • Repair and installation of deadbolts and knob locks
  • Door repairs

And many more!

Lock and Key Services for businesses in Edgewater, MD

Business security is highly crucial. It is the place where some of the most crucial data are present. Right from the personal information of employees to business contracts, they all are present in one place. Our commercial locksmith services are highly praised in the Edgewater, MD area and they include the following:

  • Emergency exit locks installation
  • New door locks
  • High-security locking system
  • Master key system
  • Door pivots and hinges
  • Keyless entry mechanism
  • Key cutting and rekeying services

And many more!

We would love to be your professional lock and key service provider! We are highly reputed for our efficient services. Why don’t you experience the goodness on your own? Call Father Son Locksmith Store today at 410-807-8020 to avail our lock and key services!